Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Softies 2014 - Vol.3

Vol.3 = it is so difficult to classify the softies... well, here you can see mainly monsters, a unicorn, a special 3-in-1 creature and my first vehicle softies. The rotor of the helicopter can turn around!

3 in 1 by Lykke, 4

Mrs and Baby Budino by Sofia - poor Mrs Budino...

golden unicorn by Beth, 6

by Elliot, 17

happy monster by Erin

Koby's (5) mom is a helicopter pilot in Australia!

"Bubbles" is the nickname of a beloved auntie

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Summer Softies 2014, Vol.2

Vol.2 = animals: cat with a hat, small cat, large cat and non-cats

by Mackenzie, 6

by Eli-Birgitte
a "first-day-at-school" gift
by Alice - with some extra pics:)
the mom said it was a dog, but I always thought of him as a pink (and orange) panther...:)
Pünktchen the centipede
by Brett, a big kid:)
remake of a lost plushie

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Mumbai Pigeon

I loved everything about this commission: the drawing (the title of which was given by the parents), the story, and the mom, who told me the story. And I looked forward to starting sewing it so much. But big loves are not always easy... The colours were my problem, I simply couldn't find the shades I imagined. Finally I found the green for the spots, a green that had never been available in the shops here before. But the greys... First I wanted to make the spots black, later we chose some dark grey, but as I was sewing the dark grey spots on the body, I did not like them at all, they were not harmonious together with the grey of the body. So I searched through my scraps. And I found a small piece of light grey!! It looked good together with the body. So I started to remove the dark grey spots. As I was doing it, all of a sudden I realized that the best way would have been to use just a few dark grey spots with lots of light grey ones! Do you know the feeling when every little bits fall into place? That's what I was feeling then:)

The artist is Ptolemy, who was 4 and a half last summer, when he went on holiday to Mumbai with his parents. He drew the pigeon one morning before his parents woke up, after watching all the pigeons on the hotel window grill. I was not surprised at all that this drawing became so special for the whole family.

And this is Ptolemy actually looking out of the hotel window in Mumbai at the pigeons, the day before he drew "The Mumbai Pigeon":

A rajz Mumbai-ban (régi nevén Bombay) készült tavaly nyáron, és a firkagalamb most Tasmániába repült.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Joey, the Robot

... and Jo, the Dog. Both are birthday presents for 30-year-old Simonie from her mom and her brother. The drawings were made when Simonie was a child - the Robot does "everything" for her: he has a toothbrush and toothpaste tube plus a comb for brushing her teeth and hair, he has an icecream for endless supply, and in his tummy he has an endless supply of money. Simonie's mom asked me to make a see through pocket and she undertook to provide real dollars in it. (I told her I hoped she could find an endless source of money:-)) Oh, and the Robot has a heart for best friendship!

As for Jo, it was not only a drawing, Simonie also created a story book about her dog. Her mom kept it, and gave her daughter the little republished story book together with the softie. Twist in the story: Simonie herself is a mom now, whose little daughter loves cuddly toys and also loves books - guess what happened with these two birthday gifts? :-)

yes, a battery...

Jo, what are you doing?!

Szülinapi ajándékok egy harmincévesnek a hétévesen rajzolt kutyájából és robotjából.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Cat & Bug

Quite a strange couple... Designed by an Italian boy, whose mom sent me the most fantastic feedback I think I've ever had. You know I made a little stamp from the original drawing and first of all the boy was surprised to see it on the envelope. And when he opened it, he was speechless, he couldn't believe his eyes, he had no idea how it was possible, and later he was happy to realize he was the only person in the world to own these softies:)

(I have readers who have sharp eyes for the details:) FYI: I was asked to make the cat's limbs thicker but not to make the navel!)

I have a few questions:

- how did the cat and bug meet?
- are they friends or enemies?
- why does the cat need a swatter? does he want to use it to kill the bug?!
- what kind of flag is in the bug's hand? (by the way, is it a hand...?)

kind of disagreement...

just to give you and idea of size
Kérdéseket felvető macska és bogár. Légycsapó és zászló. Ja, a macska hajában két fölzselézett tincs. A bogár meg tud fintorogni.