Monday, 6 February 2017

Softies humanized

"Neither humans, nor animals" - this is what the file is entitled in which I collect these softies: objects, vegetables etc. with a face.

The eights were made for Andy's City Apartments in Milton Keynes:

But before all of them I created their plumber fellow:

The Band-Aid Man was ordered by a fantastic mom for her grown-up daughter:

I don't know many French words, but I learnt "biberon" for a lifetime when I was making this softie:

"Marker" was a big love of mine! You might think there is nothing special about him, but look, what Gretchen's mom wrote about him to me:

"This is a picture of Marker.  Marker is a marker.  :)  He is always purple - in the attached picture, he looks a little faded - but usually he's very purple - I think her real markers are getting dried out from over-use.  Marker is the star of all of Gretchen's books and stories.  She draws him everywhere.  He has a whole Marker family, and his friends include Eraser and Big Fat Whiteboard.  His body is always square-ish, with a round top.  His outline is always black, too."

What's more, Gretchen also makes videos starring Marker! Do not hesitate to watch one of them! This one for example :-)

Jacques in a Smock is also a star, he's the main character of a children's book written by a father for his daughters:

Cranky and Grumpy live their lives in a theatre in New York, quite surprisingly called Sour Grapes Productions. They travelled a lot between Europe and America thanks to hidden secrets of misterious postal services: they crossed the ocean three times...

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vampire Bat Kitty and Others

Imaginary creatures – well, yes, the dino is the odd one out, but it was designed by the brother of Olive, who drew the beautiful, stripy, 3-eyed monster, so for their sake dinos are welcome in this post, too.
You know custom softies can’t compete with mass-produced plushies – regarding their price. Because it takes long hours, sometimes even days to create a softie from a drawing. I sometimes spend lots of time searching for the perfect material or accessories, sometimes it is necessary to make a proto-softie first, sometimes I feel I should resew this or that to get the result I am satisfied with. That’s why these one-of-a-kind toys are not cheap. But sometimes I can’t resist to create a softie – that’s what happened with the beautiful monster. Olive’s mom is an independent artist in Canada, who completely understood why the softie would cost the price I had given in the quote, but she couldn’t afford it. I was longing to work with this fantastic drawing so much that I gave some discount and we changed the deadline, so the softie could be born :-) Together with Olive’s brother’s dino :-)

The fluffy Vampire-Bat-Kitty went to scare people in Germany:

Helena’s mom once saw a softie of mine which was made with a special crayon-technique, and she imagined the same style for the „A” softie – this time I was quite lucky to find the necessary crayons in a shop in Budapest, though earlier I had to order them from abroad. I loved the rainbow spikes… :-)

Bonus... :-) The other "crayoned" softie, a rabbit called Hattie:


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Softies again

Return of a lazy blogger...

Let's start with some portraits and self-portraits!
Let me be a bit partial, so first please meet Rachel from Hungary:

And this is a mom with her son from Mexico (I got a photo of the softies sitting on a shelf in their final home):

Three-year-old Emmie is a colorful personality from the US:

An Australian mom asked me to go crazy regarding the colors of her son's drawing:

the mom seems to be happy with the result :-)

And finally a self-portrait with a car! Any questions..? Why not with a car?! :-) 

As you can see, Ryan, who drew this self-portrait is not kidding: let there be cars everywhere!

Softies at home - with even more cars...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Robots, monsters and other strange creatures

When you don't post for a long time, you can allow yourself to dedicate a whole post to partly or not-at-all human softies. 

These robots went to a school in Australia:

This smiling one has long been living with Alec in the Netherlands:

Alec is the designer of this other creature, too - and he was only four when he drew the green and orange alien!

Sewing Meyer's (6) Robot Monster was a therapy - I loved the rhythm of colours and the accuracy of his design.

Molly's Blue Man from Norway:

A softie for a husband's 35th birthday - he drew it when he was a child. M-80 explosive in one hand, heart in the other one - any idea what it means..?

"Monster in crayon" - that's the title of this beloved monster, which was sent to 5-year-old Jason to Australia:

And another therapeutical softie for me, hand-sewn dragon monster for Jaden in the US. Hand stitches make me feel good... :-)

Monday, 2 May 2016

Softie siblings

A Canadian monster and his best dino friend for a little boy and his sister.

One by...

... one

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Yorkie softie

Eirik from Norway with his beloved doggie's softie version.

Eirik & softie Harley